A mountain of a marathon

A few weeks ago, I ran my first ever marathon. Every time I read that, I have to pause a little as it still hasn’t quite sunk in yet. This is very long,… Continue reading

At last …. some Strings!

Given the title of this blog, you could be forgiven for wondering what on earth had happened to the harp. As it happens, the harpist has been pretty quiet too, but the world… Continue reading

Flop Day

Yesterday afternoon, I started to feel a little as though I might be coming down with a bit of a lurgy. Over the years, I’ve got better at listening to this feeling when… Continue reading

Back into balance

It has been an exhausting few weeks. Somehow January ended up being as full-on as November and December, and I couldn’t get going again after having a long Christmas break. Re-adjusting to full… Continue reading

Into the new

Hasn’t it been a while! I have missed my blog, but I’ve been in the truly wonderful position of squeezing every last drop from the last few weeks and only today have I… Continue reading

Just for today

I didn’t expect to be de-icing my windscreen at 8am on a Monday morning. I didn’t expect to be sat in traffic in heavy rain on the motorway every day at 5.45pm. My… Continue reading

Two halves, a bit of a hole, and a very important cow

*LONG POST, GET COFFEE* In September last year, newly arrived off the M6/M74, I remembered seeing fluorescent signs on the roads near my new house warning of a road race coming up. I… Continue reading

Climbing Days

Last night I was lucky enough to see Sir Chris Bonington speak about his 60 plus years spent in the mountains. For me it was a bit of a trip back in time.… Continue reading

Escape Route

After hitting rock bottom, it’s generally established that the only way is up. Song lyrics are cheerfully quoted at you (D:Ream and Yazz in particular) and you are beaten over the head with… Continue reading

Mooching of an afternoon

(Written on a gloriously wi-fi free Thursday) This afternoon finds me in Leiden in the Netherlands. A quick tot up on the plane revealed that this is my most visited country which both… Continue reading