Poco a poco***… or Let’s Push Things Forward?

My training has been very hit and miss recently the last week in particular, with 4 days missed as I had a fantastic weekend away.

Because of my asthma and general unfitness (not to mention the quantity of metal in my right leg!) I knew I needed to build my running up slowly. Until today I was happy with how this was going, but today, I really felt that I needed to move it on a bit.

This is the next leap – moving up a gear from plodding.

The next Clacton 5k race is this coming Thursday (not Friday as the very helpful Lee from Tri and Tri Again) just reminded me on Twitter), and I am super conscious that while I finished it last time, and ran further than I’ve ever run before, this time I would like to feel a bit less embarrassed about how slow I was!

I really enjoyed my run this evening. I ran a little harder where I could (and this was more than I thought I would manage), and my main target was to have enough in the tank to run down the last bit of the main road back to my house. I managed most of it so was pretty pleased.

I missed out on a club run last week, basically because I was too scaredy to go. While I’m regularly running about 4k, and managing to run the bulk of it, I do feel very slow and nervous of holding the others up.

But at the same time, I know I need to push myself on to the next level, and the only way to do that is to push. And working with others is a great way to do that – as Hector Barbera will tell you (maybe I need a little Tricycle / On Tow sign to wear when I’m running).

Over the weekend, while I was away sunning myself and generally having a good time in London and in Bath and not doing any running, a certain Mr Wiggins was pedalling away extremely hard with the guys from Team Sky and managed to win the Tour de France. I want to do a separate post on this as it’s such a huge thing. Particularly in my family, and most of all for my cycling mad, Herne Hill riding Dad.

We have had a lot of text chat about le Tour, and I’m afraid I have been rather glued to my phone watching for updates. My telly decided to lose ITV4 in the last but one retune, so not only did I miss out on all the TT coverage this year, but all the TdF coverage too. I’ll be having a big old ITVplayer catch up before it runs out!

So for now, not much else to say but Chapeau Wiggins!

*** PS Poco a Poco is a musical term and means little by little in Italian. Let’s Push Things Forward is an awesome song by The Streets


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