The gift of time

It’s a beautiful day outside. It has been quite a week, quite a month, in fact quite a few months.

And today there is time to stop, to think, to breathe, to write and to plan. I’ve had some really, really good news this week and I made time to celebrate last night.

The to-do list is never-ending but there are lots of good things on it as well as the more normal paper shuffling.

There is running to be done, and practice to be done, a website to launch, reading to be done, gardening to be tackled, food to prepare, but these are all home things so there is nowhere else I need to be.

I’ve gathered everything I need together on the table I like to use to work on, the hounds are snoozing on the sofa, there is proper tea in my mug, and already two of my favourite songs have been on 6 Music since I switched on twenty minutes ago. All is well with the world.

The sun appeared in Glasgow this week, and I strongly suspect the optimism I feel about how the year is going to progress can be directly attributed to the colour of the sky.

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