About Me

IMG_1685I’m Katherine and this is my blog about my adventures since I decided to start training for a triathlon back in 2012.

Very soon after, I decided to move to Scotland. Spurred on by serious family illness and the feeling I wasn’t quite making the most of life, I moved up here to start a whole new life,

I left the tropical sunshine coast of Essex behind, in favour of never leaving the house without an umbrella ever again.

I’ve not been disappointed. I love my life up here, and while I get incredibly homesick for my family, I plan to stay as an honorary Scot for as long as they’ll have me.

Since I moved up here, I’ve discovered I love long distance running. I also discovered I love cycling up big hills, which is fortunate as there are many nearby. It has been quite a challenge getting my asthma used to dealing with both of these, but I seem to be managing pretty well.

I live just outside Glasgow with three harps, two retired greyhounds and a beautiful motorbike.

My motorbike doesn’t come out as often as he used to sadly, but there had to be a couple of downsides, and worse asthma and icy roads are the only ones so far.

** update **

Life moves on and I’ve started a new blog. I’d love it if you joined me over at www.withaweeflourish.co.uk





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